Health and Life Insurance for Expats or Travelers Abroad!

Brett LaMar

I am a licensed Insurance Broker who represents multiple insurance companies offering Health and Life Insurance options for expats living abroad or for travelers outside of their home country of passport. I believe it is very important to have coverage while living or traveling abroad. This way you can rest easy knowing if you have a medical emergency you will have access to the best private facilities and not break the bank. I have lived abroad full time for a combined total of over 9 years and am very experienced living abroad in Mexico and South East Asia. I also served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years with an honorable discharge and graduated from Cape Fear Community College with an Associates Degree in Marine Technology. My company provides all of our services in English and we have an in house claims department that works on your behalf with the insurance company if an emergency does happen while you are a client.

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